Thursday, March 24, 2016

Collective Haul (spring)

It's finally here... the HAUL
Okey I bought some things spring edition. Let's just start because who actually want to read this...

The first things, TWO PILLOWS for my spring room  These are from H&M and they are about ten pounds each.
The one above is really cute with a quote on it which you all know I love, it is so inspirational!!!
The one below is light pink with a lot of flowers and it is sooo nice. It's a perfect spring and summer pillow and goes really nice with my blanket. They are both on delivery right now but a better review is coming!

Okey the next thing is my BLANKET it's suuuuuuuuuuper soft and cute, you just want too sleep with it. It's perfect for cold spring and winter days!!!
I bought this on primark for about 12 pounds.

The next thing is a "Mason mug" which I bought from a Swedish shop called "ahlens" and I thought it was so nice to drink coffee and hot chocolat in. I just love it...
It was about 2 pounds because it was such a good sale!!!

My next thing I bought some where in London but I found it in several places. It is depends new nail polish collection. It is called sorbet and it is a matte nail polish, it is just perfect for summer!!!

The last thing is kissy missy lip balm by zoella!!! I like it but the smell is not very nice and it is suuuuper pigmented (which could be a good thing). It is a bit scary to wear on your lips in public if you just want to wear it as a lip balm since it looks like a listick but if you want to have colourful lips I really recomend it!!!

Thank you for reading!!! Some more beauty products is coming up soon. HAPPY EASTER!!!

Lonely gal going offline ;)

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