Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Favorites

Hii again as most of you already noticed I post each weekend so this weekend I thought I would talk shortly about 4 favorites of mine.

Tanya burr lipsgloss!!! It is  super cute on your lips and my lips are very dry but it works, I just love it. I have one in a bright colour very spring and I love all these kind of products specially when I watch Tanya Burrs youtube channel.
The next  thing is I Love... Cosmetics. These are amazing and smell sooo good. I have the showergel/bubble bath thing. I love bubble baths because they are so relaxing with a lighten candle and this is just what I need to create the perfect bath.
Patel colours are just soooooooo perfect for spring. They just make me feel so happy. A big favourite!!!
CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! I honestly think that I am in love with chocolate. Everytime I feel bad and I eat chocolate I feel better again. It is just a saviour at all time I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Thanks for reading this short post, lots of love and I'll see you soon!!!

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