Friday, March 25, 2016

Serious shit (I am deeply sorry for the bad word)

Some times it feels like everything is deadly serious and that every little thing has to be the best at all times, I am sick of trying to do my best each time and I am sick of always getting disapoited at everything I do. Do anyone else feel this way?
Some times people say to me "is this going to matter in 50 years?" The answer for me at that moment is always yes but after a year I often don't remember those things so I probably just should have calmed down. I say that I am going to calm down next time it happens but I've also said that the last three years and each time a have a test ... well I'm not calm.
  So I am going to share a trick that I think works for me:

  1.  Think of the good things in life, such as shopping, tea and friends. Maybe fridays and coffee. It could even be silly as watching a animal jumping over other animals, hehe is that just me too?
                                                                 Poor goat...

     2. Okey another thing, if it is about a big test be organized and plan your studying!!! 

Okey I am defently not an expert so that is all I have for today but I hope I'll see you soon and take care, THANKS FOR READING!!!

Lonely gal going offline

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